Caring for the Caregivers.

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We want to help you enjoy the moments of reward and fulfillment that come from caregiving and remove the uncertainty, anxiety and stress of taking on caregiver responsibilities.
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Lauren Cody

Co Founder

Lauren Cody spent the last 25 years studying big marketplace trends that drive fundamental changes in consumer expectations, attitudes and behavior as an executive for iconic brands in the restaurant retail space, and more recently in healthcare as the Chief Customer Officer for a senior living and rehabilitation company. Lauren understands how meaningful life events can completely change lives and family needs.

In addition to learning about customer needs, motivations and attitudes towards senior living and rehabilitation, Lauren has experienced care firsthand with the loss of her father to complications from COPD, an aging mother who has broken both hips and in laws in their 80’s living with recently diagnosed and complicated chronic conditions. Lauren combines her love of helping customers solve complex problems with her desire to contribute to one the greatest needs of our society today – making eldercare easier to navigate and the right solutions clearer to identify.
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Katie Potter

Co Founder

Katie Potter was inspired to work with Mosaic Caregiving Solutions after spending over a decade in leadership roles in the senior living industry and hearing the stories of the adult children, family members and loved ones of older adults struggle to navigate the maze of care options. She experienced these challenges firsthand when her mother served as caregiver to her grandmother and, today, Katie serves as caregiver to her mother. The worst part is so many go through this experience without any meaningful support.

Katie felt strongly that there had to be a way to help others avoid the confusion, disappointment and sense of being completely overwhelmed, and enjoy the time with their loved one. Channeling her years of personal and professional experience into empowering others to navigate the caregiving journey has been some of her most meaningful work and she is grateful to partner with Lauren to bring Mosaic Caregiving Solutions to life.

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Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your loved one's care.

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Our goal is to to help caregivers navigate the caregiving journey.

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Our Virtual Assistant, Resource Center, and Support Community are available nationwide. Our personalized care solutions are offered in North Carolina and South Carolina currently.